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Before you take PEMAZYRE (pemigatinib), tell your healthcare provider about all of your medical conditions, including if you:

  • have vision or eye problems
  • have kidney problems
  • have liver problems
  • are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. PEMAZYRE can harm your unborn baby or cause loss of your pregnancy (miscarriage). You should not become pregnant during treatment with PEMAZYRE.

Females who can become pregnant

  • Your healthcare provider should do a pregnancy test before you start treatment with PEMAZYRE.
  • You should use an effective method of birth control during treatment and for 1 week after your final dose of PEMAZYRE. Talk to your healthcare provider about birth control methods that may be right for you.
  • Tell your healthcare provider right away if you become pregnant or think that you may be pregnant.

Males with female partners who can become pregnant

  • You should use effective birth control when sexually active during treatment with PEMAZYRE and for 1 week after your final dose of PEMAZYRE.
  • are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed. It is not known if PEMAZYRE passes into your breast milk. Do not breastfeed during treatment and for 1 week after your final dose of PEMAZYRE.

Tell your healthcare provider about all the medicines you take, including prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements.


Watch Dr Milind Javle, a gastrointestinal oncologist, discuss treatment with PEMAZYRE, including how to take it, what to expect during treatment, and where you can find support.

This video is intended for informational use only, and is not designed to replace the medical advice of your Healthcare Professional.

How should I take PEMAZYRE?

Be sure to take PEMAZYRE exactly as instructed by your healthcare provider.

PEMAZYRE is taken on a 21-day cycle; you take one tablet a day for 14 days, followed by a 7-day period where you don’t take any tablets.

Graphic of a chart showing the 21-day cycle of how to take PEMAZYRE
Do not take PEMAZYRE
  • Take PEMAZYRE once a day, at the same time each day
  • PEMAZYRE may be taken with or without food
  • Swallow tablets whole. Do not crush, chew, split, or dissolve PEMAZYRE tablets
  • You should not eat or drink grapefruit products during treatment with PEMAZYRE

Your healthcare provider may change your dose of PEMAZYRE, or may temporarily or completely stop treatment if you get certain side effects.

Do not take PEMAZYRE
Graphic of two pills

Download Your Treatment Tracker

Click here to download this Treatment Tracker to help you keep track of which days you need to take a PEMAZYRE tablet, and which days you do not.

What should I do if I miss a dose of PEMAZYRE?

If you miss a dose of PEMAZYRE, take the dose within 4 hours on the same day.

  • If more than 4 hours have passed, take your regular dose of PEMAZYRE at the next scheduled dose
  • Do not take more PEMAZYRE than prescribed to make up for the missed dose

If you vomit after taking PEMAZYRE, do not take another PEMAZYRE tablet. Take your next scheduled dose of PEMAZYRE.

Support is Available for Patients Taking PEMAZYRE

Get information about the PEMAZYRE Patient Support program, which offers support and resources for patients taking PEMAZYRE.

Learn About Patient Support